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Silver Wing Volume One: Gale Reviews


Total Reviews: 5

5 Star: 2

4.5 Star: 2

4 Star: 1

Average Review Score: 4.6


Review By: Anne Sims


From the first line of the story, I was hooked; by the end of the first chapter, I knew that I would be awake the better part of the night reading to see what was going to happen next!

Silver Wing's authors pull off the delicate balance of having both multi-dimensional character development and riveting action, which makes for a gripping storyline. It's fascinating to watch the development of the relationship between two unlikely friends, mild-mannered but recently gifted Antoine and the weatlhy, genius Alex. Their adventures together help them both learn more about themselves and each other. I don't want to say much about what actually happens in the book, since that is the fun in reading it, but suffice to say that there is plenty of action! I can't wait for the next book in the series!


Review By: Melissa Brereton

What a great read!! I fell deeper and deeper into the story line. I was disappointed as I quickly reached the last page because I didn't want the adventure to end. I can't wait to keep reading!


Review By: Lisa Lester

4.5 1.PNG

Wow! This is impressive for a debut novel. I must admit that I was surprised by how quickly the story pulled me in. The unlikely friends, the contrast between their world's, the mystery and anticipation all create a recipe for a great read. I was left hanging in a good way. I'm anxious to find out what happens next. In short, Gale blew me away.


Review By: Gio

I was so impressed by this novella; I’m not an avid reader of action/adventure books, but Antoine and Alex kept me engaged and anxious for more! If I were to create a best friend, he’d probably be just like the savvy sidekick in this book- the perfect balance of practicality and humor in contrast to the serious and street-smart Antoine Silver. I found the character development to be spot on and look forward to discovering more about the universe these characters live in. Without any spoilers, I also need to express my desire to know more about the villain’s motives and the overall end game of the unnamed man. I look forward to Volume Two!


Review By: Orlando Graham

I loved this story! It was very real and relatable despite having some fantasy elements. The character that truly shines in this first volume is Alex. He serves as a great compliment to the main character, Antoine. Alex is delightfully amusing and has an air of innocent privilege about him that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is definitely a must read book for anyone who loves a good story with great characters! I look forward to seeing how both Antoine himself and his powers develop and mature.