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Antoine's father died in the line of duty when he was a child. He had always planned to follow in his father's footsteps by living heroically, but he had no idea that he would gifted with the opportunity to become an actual superhero. The Silver Wing book saga follows Antoine as he grows into himself not only as a young man, but also as a hero learning to cope with his new powers and the ever changing world around him.

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- Volume One: Gale

To Antoine Silver, becoming a hero never meant super-strength or invisibility. Instead, it meant following in his father's footsteps to join the New Stratos Police Department. When he develops actual superpowers, Antoine determines that he has an obligation to use them for good despite the more sinister options available to him. With the help of his new friend Alex, Antoine gears up for the fight of his life to prove that he has what it takes to uphold his family legacy.

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- Volume Two: Whirlwind

After a whirlwind of a week fighting crime, Antoine Silver has to face reality: it’s time to go back to class. High school is hard enough for the normal teenager and now Antoine is balancing learning about his new supernatural powers, navigating friendships and romance, interning with the police force, and just trying to pass History.

Little does he know some of his own family history is about to catch up with

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ASIN: B07NH87H46 & 0462636135